Legal compliance

Does your website comply with all the required acts and policies? If the answer is No, let us assist you to ensure your website complies with the latest legal documents as well as the required opt-in and opt-out functionalities.

A lot of websites do not comply with the current laws and certain documents need to be in place by 30 December 2021.

You are welcome to place an order for one of our offerings, or if you would like to first find out more, then we have a free online webinar that you can join where all of this will be explained in detail. Simply click on the “Free Webinar” button to sign up for a session.

Or choose a package

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If your website is a WordPress website, then we will be able to offer you both packages, because Package 1 is a WordPress plugin that needs to be installed. With Package 2 if you do not have a WordPress website, then you will just have to ask your web designer to upload the documents for you.

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